‘Me, You and Us’

-understanding emotional dynamics in the Early Years setting


This virtual workshop takes a closer look at the secondary attachment role of the Early Years Practitioner.

Guided throughout using an observation schedule it enables us to match needs and provision following the graduated approach.

Full of practical strategies and interventions it provides a comprehensive toolkit for the Key Person fulfilling this secondary attachment role. 

Comprised of short bite-sized video presentations the workshop is divided into two sessions and themes within these, enabling the practitioner or setting lead to organise the CPD into short discussions to fit in to weekly meetings or a structured training day/half day. 

Session 1

Part 1. Curiosity – what could be happening or has happened to the child?

Part 2. Co-regulation and nervous systems at work

Session 2

Part 1. Containment and how this impacts the child and practitioner

Part 2. Taking care of us – effective supervision 

Part 3a & b. Communication strategies and play that strengthens attachment and resilience

Part 4a & b  Capturing – Assess, Plan Do and Review- using an observation guide for reflection and provision planning

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This training is suitable for all Early Years professionals. It has been designed to meet current expectations in CPD for Early Years practitioners – Preschools and Schools (EYFS) and the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development (DfE, 2016).

Pre-course study is expected in these standards and can add to the learning experience.

The following videos are recommended Pre-course study:

Ian Wright tearfully remembers childhood teacher – BBC News

Trauma and the nervous system: a polyvagal perspective – YouTube

 PLEYS Project – YouTube

2-Minute Tips: How to Practice Self-Compassion – YouTube

EYFS Personal, social and emotional development – Emotions – YouTube

InBrief: The Science of Early Childhood Development – YouTube

Serve and Return (harvard.edu)

Kingston’s conversation with Me over next season – YouTube

Communication skills with Children DVD – YouTube

Please note: these external videos are linked in the handout, not embedded in the presentation. This is due to copyright law.

Handouts are provided with links to the videos upon purchase. 

Images from Google/royalty free – they are not the property of Therapeutic Teaching.