The Safe and Sound makes a difference like no other…

In 2021 I provided The Safe and Sound Protocol to:

  • children as young as 4 with anxiety about separating and returning to their settings;
  • a number of children and teens struggling to manage severe anxiety about returning to school, academic stress and managing social ‘demands’ and expectations
  • neurodivergent teens and adults with anxiety associated with being unsupported in school, college or work;
  • adults with mental health needs, most typically anxiety;
  • adults with physiological dysregulation associated with Long Covid.

The outcomes have been outstanding considering the current situation. It never ceases to amaze me how The Safe and Sound Protocol supports such a range of needs. In 2021 alone we saw the following positive outcomes:

  • under fives who become more emotionally expressive with seeking comfort and help, with reduction in distress events, leading to separating more happily;
  • teens who gain increased attention, organisation and motivation, becoming more focussed on their goals, coping with interviews and exams;
  • young people who have struggled long term with Selective Mutism with increased interest in the world outside their home, increased social confidence, help-seeking , participation and emotional expression and in some, increased confidence to verbally communicate;
  • neurodivergent children and teens who have reported feeling better understood by their families, friends and schools;
  • neurodivergent and sensory-sensitive children and teens who have gained more awareness, particularly Interoception and increased agency to manage sensory responses actively;
  • neurodivergent children and young people who can more readily seek support, verbally express their feelings and describe sensations to regulate their responses to stress and excitement.
  • young adults with mental health needs and persistent hidden processing needs who have made huge gains e.g. now accessing talking therapies and maintaining stress management strategies.

Quite by accident it was noted that the SSP had also positive outcomes for some clients who happen to have some symptoms of Long Covid, resulting in improved sleep and energy, reduced anxiety and increased confidence to re-enter the social world and work.

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