Individual teaching sessions can be provided for learners who are struggling to attend school due to anxiety.

An initial meeting with the referring school, learner and parent/carer determines if the service is appropriate.  After introductions, ( see example  Letter of Introduction) assessment begins and is an ongoing process. This is person centred (SEND Code of Practice) in approach and methodology so that the young person and family feel at the centre of the planning and support.

Personalised learning plans are negotiated with the learner, parents and school. The plan is typically based on reintegration into a mainstream school,  although exceptions may apply.

Relationship building to gain or restore trust is the first stage of the engagement plan and the time this takes will vary for each learner. Learning based on the young person’s interests is planned into the first stage sessions. As trust is developed small steps are planned to help the young person participate in school with the individual learning sessions gradually taking place in school.  A further stage incorporates national curriculum learning and makes direct links into school based learning.

Social opportunities are planned in much the same small-stepped approach so that the young person develops a sense of belonging and social confidence in school.

Parents/carers are supported and coached throughout this plan to contribute to the partnership developing their skills and confidence in supporting their child’s need.

Further information about reintegration plans can be viewed here:Example Reintegration Plan

See Information for request forms or  Contact Cath at Therapeutic Teaching for an informal discussion of your needs.