Understanding the nervous system, responses to trauma and COVID 19.

The mainstay of my approach in Therapeutic Teaching lies in an understanding of Polyvagal Theory. Seeing the positive outcomes of The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), with the individuals I work with, is perhaps the most rewarding part of my work during these challenging times. It warms my heart to see the changes in a person’s quality of life through this therapeutic intervention. It’s not just about listening, it’s the connection in relationship that comes with the process that enables significant changes to take place. The SSP was developed in response to the Polyvagal Theory and the insights it has given us to the science involved in feeling safe.

This video recently released by The Polyvagal Institute explains the Autonomic Nervous System in such a way to give us all a clear understanding about how, by knowing our nervous system, we can better navigate the world feeling safer. This video refers to our responses to trauma and in the light of COVID, we could all benefit from learning about how social connection is so important to support our wellbeing, while recognising why this might also be something we are wary of during this time. It may cause you to reflect on any mixed feelings we can have about connecting socially but also provides us with the insight to manage our detection of threat so we can better assess safety in social connection.

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