Attachment Play in the Age of COVID19

Our secondary attachments with young children rely greatly on physical proximity and touch. We are all working hard to mediate the impact of COVID restrictions on connection which supports healthy attachments. For some children their time in setting is the only opportunity to counter the stress they might be experiencing at home.

<a href="http://<span>Photo by <a href="">Anna Earl</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a&gt;Photo- Unsplash – Anna Earl

Our communication skills are even more critical to mental health and PSED at this time. It helps to remind ourselves of strategies such as ‘Observe, Wait, Listen (OWL) and making that attention deeply connecting – to see inside their feeling world. To activate stress-countering neurochemicals we are aiming for a state of interpersonal synchrony- ‘a delicious feeling of oneness with the other’ (Cirelli, 2014). There are lots of ideas on this DVD. Learn more at the forthcoming Early Years Mental Health conference hosted by Essex County Council, June 10th. Useful resources on this page.