Connection Calms

Enhancing connection with young children and parents/carers is one way we can ease the strain on everyone’s mental health in these difficult times.

Our nervous system reminds us, moment by moment, that connection to others can help us to feel safe, when some-one asks us how we are with a curious expression or reassures us with an empathic soothing voice. This only happens when we receive safety signals in the face and voice of another.

When we are stressed, we can find ourselves in a sympathetic ‘high energy’ (action or fight/flight) state very quickly or in an immobilised ‘helpless and hopeless’ shutdown, low energy state (freeze/shutdown).

It’s vital for us to move our own body to a calm responsive state and we need to read the child’s nervous system well, this video explains this with some nervous system ‘hacks’ in an entertaining visual way.

 Find out more with Early Years Mental Health training – a video introduction with useful links and free resources is here.

If you, or someone you know , of any age, is struggling with balancing their nervous system then take a look at The Safe and Sound Protocol.