Advice and support in therapeutic parenting specifically for parents of children and young people (Key Stages 2 and 3) who are experiencing difficulties accessing learning at school or through elective home education, due to:

  • anxiety related to trauma;
  • social anxiety/school phobia
  • communication needs such as Selective Mutism

We work together on the understanding that you are your son/daughter’s ‘first teacher’ and we place their hopes and wishes and your aspirations and needs for your son/daughter at the centre of the work together.

The aim will always be to enhance your relationship with your child and support you to gain confidence in using new strategies to enable your child to access learning, social opportunities and school/college. Complete the Parents Request for Involvement form or Contact form to have an informal chat about how we might be able to help.

Certified provider of The Safe and Sound Protocol, an intervention that assists in optimising the conditions for therapy.  For further information download the information sheet: Safe and Sound Protocol – Therapeutic Teaching.  State your interest in The Safe and Sound Protocol on the Contact Form.

Certified provider of The Focus Program, an intervention that assists in optimising the conditions for therapy.  For further information download the information sheet: The Focus Program – Therapeutic Teaching.

Parents of Young People with Selective Mutism (SM ) Group

This is an informal support group for parents to share experiences and gain further knowledge and advice from Catherine and the parents in the group.  Outings to local places, cafes and activity centres are planned with the young people and parents have time to talk while the young people are socialising.  Regular meetings at a small function room in a centrally based public building are planned to provide parents with the support time while their son/daughter is involved in the social group.

Young people with SM – The Art of Hanging Out – a social group

Whatever your level of confidence this group could be both supportive and fun. There are no expectations, parents are welcome and you decide how much involvement your parent has and you can have support with this negotiation.  We don’t leave parents out in the cold ! They get refreshments and a chance to socialize with each other in the Parents Group.

The social group is facilitated by Catherine who gets things going with non verbal activities such as Origami, a familiar game or cards.  Naturally there is absolutely no expectation to speak. There’s also no expectation to join in until you feel ready, it’s fine to come along and see how it all works.  Everyone’s ideas are welcome, share something of interest or make a suggestion.  The idea is that everyone respects the level of interaction each individual person makes and that everyone feels free of any judgment.  The aim is to enable friendships and build up social confidence at your own pace in a safe environment.

The group can also have some unstructured time to be together as well.   The social group can provide an opportunity to make a social networking group alongside the face-to-face to enable friendships to develop through digital communication as well, depending on personal preferences. Again there’s no obligation to join in, express your interest through our Contact page.