About Therapeutic Teaching

Specialist in teaching with person-centred and therapeutic approaches for children and young people (Key Stages 2 and 3) who are experiencing difficulties accessing learning due to anxiety.

This might be related to:

  • trauma
  • social anxiety
  • school phobia
  • communication need e.g. Selective Mutism, social communication or developmental language needs.

We provide:

  • specialist assessments with staff, young person and family to gain insights into the needs of the young person and others within the context of the difficulties;
  • facilitated ‘collaborative problem-solving’ meetings to plan for engagement in learning;
  • guidance ‘every step of the way’ in the implementation of a bespoke engagement or reintegration plan;
  • short-term tuition personalised to the young person’s interests that supports re-engagement in learning and improvements in self-confidence and well-being.

Read about How Therapeutic Teaching came about and the positive outcomes from this intensive work.

Certified provider of The Safe and Sound Protocol, an intervention that assists in optimising the conditions for therapy.  For further information download the information sheet: Safe and Sound Protocol – Therapeutic Teaching.

Certified provider of The Focus Program, an educational tool for improving brain and body function. Filtered music with movement and language support changes in sensory systems, the body’s organisation. As the body becomes organised, so does the brain. With increased organisation the brain is able to process information from our environment, sustain attention and learn.

For further information download the information sheet: The Focus Program – Therapeutic Teaching

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